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 Judi Flowers

                                                              Costumer/Writer/Lecturer                                                                                                                      "Amazing, Shocking, and Laughable "                                                                                                   Serving the Film, Television, and Theater  Industries                                                                      or by phone at 757-404-5834                                               if you are interested in having her speak at your event

A Step Back in Time...
If your interests in fashion and history take you back a century, you may already have been enlightened and entertained by a Judi Flowers lecture.  Miss Flowers is an authority on Victoriana .  

Have you ever wondered just how ladies maneuvered gracefully under five layers of underclothing? Or why Victorian homes were decorated with dark colors?  Miss Flowers will share with you the secrets of everyday life during the war-torn South and hardships endured as cheerfully as possible.  After an enchanting program, you will be able to appreciate the antique pictures you have always admired.

In order to advance her research, Judi moved from her native Virginia to Europe in 1989. There she was able to examine original items of antique clothing, jewelry, books, and architecture not available in America.  Interviews with people whose lifestyles have not changed appreciable in more than 100 years proved invaluable.  

Searching for antique clothing collections has taken her from Scotland to France to Wales and back to London, England where she is home-based while in Europe. Among the noteworthy museums with which she has worked are the Louvre, Victoria and Albert, Aberysith Yesterday and many private collections.  

A published author, Judi is a contributing writer for Vintage Fashions, Olde Times, The Wick, and Ladies Gallery.  A forthcoming book Proper Petticoats will include fashion and Victorian culture including standards of the period such as customs, letter writing, medicine, and common life at home.  Due to the fact that that she is often described as a 'fanatic' for detail her expertise was recognized by Warner Brothers who hired her to be technical advisor on their film, North and South.
Recreating Clothing by the stitches-per-inch method, Judi was awarded first place in the National Dress Competition of Historic Clothing in the mourning, original, bridal and judges categories. 

Portions of her personal collection are on display and can be seen in the Isle of Wight Museum, Smithfield; The Hunter House, Norfolk and the Ryder Museum in London.  A gracious Southern Belle, Miss Flowers wins the hearts of even those who found themselves on the northern side of the Mason Dixon line. 

Relax, envision the Old South and yourself sitting on the veranda sipping a mint julep, smelling the magnolias and watching wonderful old steamboats glide by.  Enjoy an amusing lecture that will keep you astonished and amused by the daily lives of women in the 1860's.

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